Ultimate Woman®

What makes Ultimate Woman® so unique?

The basis of Ultimate Woman® is a fermented soy extract. Soy has been a fundamental ingredient in the diet in Asian countries for thousands of years. It is packed with proteins, vitamins and minerals.

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Ultimate Woman® - 60 capsules Ultimate Woman® - 60 capsules
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Ultimate Woman® - 60 capsules
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    About Ultimate Woman®

    Natural ingredients


    Most Westerners cannot absorb soy fully through their stomachs and intestines. Therefore, Health, Science & Nutrition nv developed a unique patented fermentation process (Zhen Hua patent). This process converts the isoflavones (phyto-oestrogens) from soy proteins into a number of new molecules. This ensures that Westerners can also absorb soy better in their bodies (bioavailability of 93% - i.e. your body can absorb 93% of the active ingredients).



    Ultimate Woman® is especially recommended because of its unique formula with ingredients that significantly support the immune system. Essential substances in Ultimate Woman®, including vitamin D and zinc, ensure that they support your body's own resistance capabilities in the most effective way.


    High-quality plant extracts

    To further strengthen the effect of Ultimate Woman®, it also contains very useful high quality plant extracts in addition to fermented soy:

    • curcumin - contains antioxidants and helps keep joints supple
    • green tea extract (EGCG) - helps protect cells from oxidative stress and supports the heart
    • blueberry extract (anthocyanins) - helps protect cells from oxidative stress and supports blood circulation
    • folate (natural form of folic acid) - supports psychological function and contributes to the reduction of fatigue
    • vitamin D from shiitake - plays a role in the cell division process
    • vitamin K - contributes to normal blood clotting
    • tocotrienols from grape seed - very powerful antioxidants
    • lycopene - very powerful antioxidant

    All vitamins in Ultimate Woman® are exclusively of natural origin.


    Ultimate Woman® is also:

    lactose and gluten free
    free of colorants and preservatives
    strictly notified according to legal procedures NUT_PL 2717/4



    Please call or mail our medical director
    Dr. Elisabeth Houben for all your questions
    regarding the use & benefits of our products.


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